Legal Information


As a licensed California finance company, Milestone Financial LLC funds secured loans having the following minimum requirements:

The loan is secured by real property located in California.
The loan is only for use as business, investment or non-consumer purposes.
The loan is not considered “Covered”, “Federally Regulated” or a “Qualified Mortgage”.



As a licensed wholesale finance company, Milestone Financial LLC makes loans in California pursuant to California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Financing Law License 60DBO 73257. Borrowers must sign a loan purpose affidavit which certifies and warrants that any loan provided by Milestone Financial LLC is secured by said real property. Borrowers must certify and warrant that the proceeds of said loan is or shall be for either business, investment or non-consumer purposes, and shall not be used primarily for agricultural, farming, personal, family, household or other consumer purposes. Borrowers understand Milestone Financial LLC and any broker representing borrower shall each rely upon and accept as true the representations made in the loan purpose affidavit. Each such representation shall be conclusively presumed to have been relied on by said broker and Milestone Financial LLC, regardless of any investigation made or information possessed by said broker and/or Milestone Financial LLC. Each warranty, representation and agreement contained in this affidavit are true and correct on the date signed and shall be automatically deemed repeated and reaffirmed on the closing and funding of said secured loan. Copies of this loan purpose affidavit are available upon request review by prospective borrowers, and/or their designated broker or legal counsel.




Milestone Financial LLC operates under SEC permit CIK 000163997 under Rule 506C within Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933. Risk of loss and variations in yield can occur based on one or more factors including decrease in property values, borrower credit, government regulation and other factors. Yield calculations are annualized and net of fees. Offering is limited to accredited investors and is not insured. Past performance is not a guaranty of future performance. You must contact the company to establish whether new investor applications are being taken or whether the company is taking new funds. Read the Private Placement Memorandum and all related documents thoroughly before investing.