Frustrated by low interest rates on safe investments like T-Bills, Bond Funds, Annuities and Money Market Funds? Scared by the risky, speculative nature of today’s equity markets? So where can you find high-yield investments and low-risk investments today with consistent results? Milestone Financial LLC may be your answer. Since 2007, Milestone Financial LLC has delivered returns of more than 7.50 percent annually to its investors. If you’re not sure where to invest money because you’re looking for the best investments out there, consider us. We provide investment options you can count on — with minimal risk and high returns.

So how do we do it? We lend, you profit. Milestone Financial LLC helps borrowers who have significant equity in their California real estate but may find it hard to qualify for traditional loans from banks. Ever since the financial crisis, borrowers must meet a very high bar to qualify for a loan at a traditional bank, including a high credit score and documentable income history. This income verification requirement applies even if they have a low loan-to-value (LTV) and significant equity. Milestone Financial LLC focuses on property values, not on a borrower’s credit.

So how can you get access to these high-yield, low-risk returns? It’s simple.  By investing a minimum of $100,000, Milestone Financial LLC gives you a share of the points, interest, and fees generated by its loan portfolio and originations on a quarterly basis. More than 100 happy investors are already profiting consistently from their investments in Milestone Financial LLC. If you are an accredited investor, call or click here to request a written prospectus and check it out for yourself. We can also assist in determining your accreditation by evaluating minimum income and/or asset value requirements required under federal law.



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  • Available to Individuals, Trusts, Retirement Plans and Other Entities
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000
  • Term: Five years
  • Fund Structure: Private Placement Security under Rule 506 of Federal Regulation D as provided in Section 4(a)(2) of Federal Securities Act. Private Equity Fund under 506C of Federal Regulation D, S.E.C. Permit #0001639977
  • Accredited Investors Only – Investors must meet minimum financial suitability standards as described in Section 230.501 of Federal Regulation D of the Securities Exchange Act

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Interested in finding out more about the best investments for you? Call or click here to request a written prospectus that explains the risks and rewards associated with this investment as well as the terms and conditions of this investment. We provide investment options for people in San Diego and Sacramento, and your financial investment will lead to a high return for you with minimal risk involved. Contact us today for safe investments you’ll love.