Helping Your Clients Close The Deal With Bad Credit

Posted on October 24, 2018

There’s no denying it: housing in California is expensive. Whether you’re in far south in San Diego, up in Sacramento, or even farther north and are near the Oregon border, housing costs are rising and would-be homeowners are looking for bad credit mortgages. As a real estate broker, you know your client makes good money and can pay their mortgage — but their credit history may not line up with that current reality.

Milestone Financial LLC can help. We help real estate brokers get the deal done faster by offering bad credit mortgages throughout California, and we can help you and your clients next. We’re a Top Rated Local® company in the lending, originating, and securing industry, and we have broker references from all over California.

Find Them Something Within Their Means

First things first: you’ll need to be realistic with your clients and not set them up for failure. We’re not saying they have to have a cramped, hazardous studio apartment in San Diego just because they have bad credit, but they also shouldn’t have a spacious mansion they truly can’t afford. As a real estate broker, you know how important your reputation is — you can protect it by helping your clients find a home they love that also has mortgage payments they can afford.

Help Them Find Real Estate Loans

The trick to buying a house in California, more often than not, is by taking out a loan. People with bad credit, though, are desperately searching “how to get a loan with bad credit” rather than going out and getting one at the local bank. The trick to getting a mortgage with bad credit is your help. You can direct them to a company like Milestone Financial LLC, where credit isn’t even considered when getting a loan and real estate loans are the specialty.

Teach Them To Be Patient

You started setting them up for the realistic outcome with the first step, but buying a house with bad credit will take continued patience. Help them to be excited at the prospect of a new home, but also try not to let them become too set on a certain real estate property. Besides, if they do end up getting it they’ll be all the merrier, and if they don’t get it, they won’t be crushed. With a bad credit mortgage option from us though, your client should be able to close on a house relatively quickly.

Choose Milestone Financial LLC

How come we’re the best loans for bad credit? Because we understand real estate, real estate loans, and what your job is like as the real estate broker for your client. We fund our private loans from in-house capital we’ve raised from accredited investors. The investors make interest on their investment, and your client is able to walk into their dream home at the end of every day. Contact us today to get started on helping your client obtain their bad credit mortgage.

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