Need a loan fast for a hard-to-qualify borrower or project? Milestone Financial LLC may be your answer. Milestone Financial LLC is a wholesale California Finance Company, offering competitive 1st and 2nd trust deed loan programs for most types of real estate, including single family, condominiums, apartments, multi-family, commercial, retail, office, industrial, and land. More importantly, Milestone Financial LLC can get your loan funded within seven to 10 days and can usually quote within 24 hours.

As a small team of experienced real estate lending professionals, we know what you need and are here to help you with the personal service to quickly get your loan closed. We handle bank turndowns, stated income, bankruptcies, and foreclosures, and we do not have a minimum credit score. Simply request a quote by filling out a few simple details, provide us with a few basic documents regarding the property and borrower, and then you’re done! Your client’s loan could be funded in as few as seven days.  Let us help!



Milestone Financial LLC offers flexible, non-consumer loan programs for most types of California real estate, including single family, condominiums, apartments, multi-family, commercial, retail, office, industrial, and land. Check out the details from some of our latest loan programs.

1st TDs 2nd TDs
Loan Amount $85k to $2.5m $85k to $500k
Loan-to-Value (LTV) Up to 65% Up to 60%
Max Senior Debt N/A $750k
Prepayment Fees None None
Term 1-5 years 1-3 years
Interest Rate From 8.95%* From 10.85*
Points From 2.5%* From 3.00%*

*Loan programs, rates, and points change weekly. Call or email us for the latest details on our loan programs. Click here for disclosures and loan requirements.



  • Oakland, CA
  • Industrial
  • 1st TD Refinance
  • $915,000
  • 55% LTV
  • 2 Yr Interest Only
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Duplex
  • 2nd TD Refinance
  • $87,000
  • 68% LTV
  • 2 Yr Interest Only
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Multi-Family
  • 2nd TD Refinance
  • $420,000
  • 66% LTV
  • 1 Yr Interest Only
  • Folsom, CA
  • Commercial
  • 1st TD Refinance
  • $380,000
  • 65% LTV
  • 2 Yr Interest Only
  • Berkeley, CA
  • SFR/In-Law Unit
  • 1st TD Construction
  • $910,000
  • 63% LTV
  • 1 Yr Interest Only
  • Vallejo, CA
  • Multi-Family (2)
  • 1st TD Refinance
  • $1,230,000
  • 61% LTV
  • 3 Yr Interest Only
  • Pomona, CA
  • Gas Station
  • 1st TD Purchase
  • $1,200,000
  • 57% LTV
  • 2 Yr Interest Only

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So how do I get started? Click here for a fast 24-hour quote. Once you are ready to submit your property loan, simply provide the following information and your client will be on their way to getting the money they need in as few as seven days —  no matter if they have bad credit or not. It’s that simple!

  • Completed and signed 1003 loan application
  • Recent appraisal
  • Preliminary title report
  • Sales contract for a purchase loan
  • Borrower credit report
  • Income verification for the borrower
  • Photos of the property (front, back and interior)
  • Termite report

Email us for appraisal requirements and a list of approved appraisers. Click here for information on loan purpose requirements.



“I have been doing business with Milestone Financial LLC for over 3 years now, and I must say, Zoë and Will have been wonderful to work with. Doing business with them makes it so much easier, they are very responsive in our submission and questions, they are very fast at getting loans closed and I will say this, there is no one out there that can close a loan as fast as them and I work with many other investors. If you need something closed very fast, good results, and great people to work with Milestone Financial LLC is the place to go. They are my first go to people on all my private money loans. I will continue to do business with them”

– John A, Loan Officer

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